Animation at the entrance of your event or festival.

We can provide the basics such as stilt walkers, fire jugglers and light jugglers.

Or we can put moving poles on both sides of the entrance and let trampoline acrobats run against the side of the building.

We have unique stages with integrated special effects so that our artists come above the crowd and pull the attention towards them with smoke, flames, bubbles, pyrotechnics and music.

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We already did animation with artists at the entrance of music festivals and corporate events. Fire juggling or light juggling is very popular but also stilt walking with high stilts or rebound jumping stilts is possible. If you want some unique animation then you can choose to put our moving poles at the entrance. Artists in a pole of 5 meter high sway back and forward, people already can see it from far away when they arrive at the event. They already see the artists high in the air from the parking. Like this visitors are immediately involved thanks to the interaction with the artist. It can also be very spectacular to have trampoline acrobats running against the walls of the building. The acrobats look like spiderman while they run against the wall. Like this also the building is integrated in the show. We have our own show light so we can put all colors of light at the entrance and make the building and the trees change colors. We also have special stages with effects integrated that make the show even better.